A beautiful piece of gold capped clear quartz with 3  beads on an antiqued brass chain. 

Clear quartz is a powerful stone for "seeing it through." A good stone for intention setting and remembering that we can dream big, that all perceived obstacles will fade away if we stay clear on our vision.

The 3 beads are a dyed howlite. Howlite is sometimes known as white turquoise however it is not related to turquoise, only similar in appearance and because it's a more commonly occuring stone, it is considerably less expensive. 

Howlite is a good stone for attunement. It is a soothing, calming stone that can help to reduce stress, anxiety and stress. It's a good stone to wear in order to absorb anger and negative energy. 

Physically, howlite is said to facilitate the absorption of calcium for bones and teeth, and can balance emotions.

clear quartz necklace

SKU: 578
  • A clear quartz stone capped in gold with 3 dyed howlite beads on an antiqued chain necklace. It is about 20 inches long and can be adjusted upon request. 

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