Officiant Coaching

Whether you are wanting a way to include loved ones into a ceremony or lessen the costs of your wedding day, being asked to marry two people is an honor and responsibility to be taken seriously. There is an art to cultivating and holding a space as sacred and I am here to guide you through the process! Read on below.


I remember the first time I was asked to officiate a ceremony. I was beyond excited but when the time came to actually sit down and write the ceremony, I hardly knew where to begin! Luckily, I have had a dear friend and mentor who was already in the industry so she offered the guidance I needed to create and perform my first ceremony. Since then, I have officiated over 100 ceremonies and fine-tuned my approach to creating custom ceremonies. 


The ceremony is the heart of the wedding day, which is the foundation of a marriage. The ceremony itself should be a representation of a couple - for truly, there is no other love that is identical to theirs - and the ceremony should reflect that. 


Coaching services include:


  • Creating a custom ceremony

  • Asking questions that will provide customization for a ceremony.

  • How to incorporate unity rituals/traditions

  • Rehearsal

  • How to obtain, complete, and submit a marriage license.

  • Template for ceremony.

  • Template for custom questions.

  • Guidance on writing a ceremony.

  • Unlimited access to any questions.

  • Prompt responses from the time you book, up to 10 days following the ceremony.