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Henna, or mendhi, is an ancient art form that has roots in the Middle East, Africa and other semi-arid regions where the plant Lawsonia inermis happily grows. Traditionally it was used for marriage ceremonies and other rites of passage. 

I was introduced to henna in 1999 and immediately felt a connection that has developed over time into Henna Love Tahoe. It has been a continual learning process ~ from how to mix my own paste, rolling cones, and care for the paste after application

My henna paste is all natural, organic Rajasthani powder that I procure from Henna Lounge. I mix my henna with black tea and cajeput essential oils. Contact me with any recipe or mixing questions - I'm happy to share what I know! 

Please remember that henna paste is always a brown color - whether light or dark. It is never any other color. Stay away from black henna! It is often mixed with chemicals that can cause burns on the skin. Henna cones that you buy on the shelf at the store are usually black henna. Henna is perishable. Powder and paste should always remain in the fridge or freezer.

Contact me if you are interested in purchasing pre-made henna paste.


  • Public Events: Truckee Thursdays June 13 - August 29. Located across from the train station. Designs starting at $10.

  • Private Appointments: $80/hour. 1/2 hour minimum.

  • Parties/Events: $90/hour for 10 people or less; $120 for more than 10 people.  Corporate events call to inquire for prices.

  • Henna belly: $65/hour with one hour minimum.

  • Bridal designs: Call or write for free consultation and estimate. For best results, it's best to book appointment 2-3 days before time of event. 

  • Henna Lessons: $65/hour. Learn how to mix your paste and create your own beautiful designs! 

  • Henna Cones: $10 each. Premixed, natural, organic henna paste. 

Additional travel charges outside of a 30 mile radius from Truckee, CA.